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PETITE HAILEY LAYERED LS TUTU Pink Gold Dress For Little Girls - Elegant Clothing Rental

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What If My Item Doesn't Fit?

If Your Style Doesn't Fit, Please Immediately Email And State Your Reason In Order For Us To Review.

When Will I Receive My Item?

Order Are Shipped Within 3-5 Business Days Of Your Selected Event Date Forrental, Or For Buy New. Return Rental Shipping Is Always Free With Our Pre Printed Shipping Label.

What If I Damage My Item?

We Understand That Kids (and You) Like To Have Fun, And It Is Inevitable For Our Product To Endure Normal Wear And Tear On Rentals. We Offer A Security Deposit To Cover Minor Stains And Damage On Clothing.


  • Why have a dress with only one layer of unique fabric? Sometimes it's okay to go above and beyond and we did just that with our new Layered LS Tutu Dress. This multiple layered, well fitted tutu dress comes in Purple Gold, Pink Gold, Pink Star, Ivory Logo, Black Star, Gold Navy, Gold Pink, and Gold Ivory. This dress has a lot of attention put into it to make your girl look her best without feeling uncomfortable. You can pair this dress with our Patent Maryjane Shoes, Layered LS Hair Clip, or Layered LS Headband.


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